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Total Number of Dogs:
Updated 1/12/13
*The Astrick after the kennel name denotes how many times we've outfitted new incoming MWD teams

Kennels in Iraq

  • Al Asad Air base
  • Delta******
  • Diamondback**
  • Hammer
  • Heider**
  • Kalsu***
  • Lemonnier
  • McHenery
  • Prosperity*
  • Q-West
  • Sykes**
  • Slayer*
  • Speicher***
  • Stryker**
  • Taji*
  • Torkham
  • Victory
  • Veterinary Hospital
    (27 dogs)

Kennel in Kuwait

  • Ali Al Salem Air Base

Kennels in Afghanistan

  • Bagram*
  • Basrah
  • Camp Phoenix, Veterinary Technicians Group
  • Tinsley*
    (Previously Cobra)
  • Fenty*
  • Kabul
  • Kujo
  • Lagman
  • Leatherneck
  • Marmal*
  • McHenery
  • Shindand AB*
  • Tarin Kowt, Veterinary Hospital
  • Tedd
  • Warhorse
  • Wilson

Kennel in Germany

  • Kaiserslautern

Kennel in Japan

  • Kadena AB

Pre-Deployment from US

  • Fort Leonard Wood, MO
  • Fort Lewis, WA
  • Petterson Air Force Base, CO
  • Randolph Air Force Base, TX
  • Tinker Air Force Base, OK
  • Twentynine Palms, CA
  • Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton OH*
  • Veterinary Clinic in Missouri


Our Mission:
To provide cooling vests, and other protective gear
such as Doggles, MuttLuks, and any other necessary
gear to help the Military Working Dogs in active
war zones and extreme conditions, who in turn
protect and serve our Soldiers.

For more general information e-mail us or call (937) 308-6950
needing support for their MWDs e-mail us at

2013 Schedule of Events
We will be at numerous events throughout this year.
Come and see us and learn more about the program in person!

Tipp City Mum Festival - September 28th & 29th
Tipp City, OH

Spring Valley Potato Festival - October 5th & 6th
State Rt. 725 and US Rt. 42 ~ Spring Valley, OH

Yellow Springs Street Fair - October 12th
Yellow Springs, OH

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Video Tribute...
Check out our Video Tribute which is a compilation of photos sent to us by handlers and supporters over the years.

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2013 - Always Brave, Loyal, and Dependable
The Military Working Dogs

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Be Aware . . . Scam Artist Alert . . .
It has come to our attention multiple times over the year of people saying they are representing us and trying to get donations. PLEASE call us at (937) 308-6950 to verify anyone trying to raise money saying they will then collect the money from you. We do work with some wonderful people around the country, but it is a sad fact that in today's world that people will take advantage of anyone.

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